At KAAS Capital, we offer consultation and guidance on how to build business/corporate credit. We provide you with the means to separate your personal credit from your business. Through our unique process, shorten the normal 2-5 years to establish business and obtain credit down to only (90 days to 12 months), creating a new credit profile based on your Tax ID number and ability to qualify. We offer guidance on how to select companies who will provide your business with immediate credit. We assist you with the entire application and reporting process as well as choosing businesses that will grant credit to your company. The companies we work with will report payment experiences to the credit bureaus – and provide loans without a personal guarantee or the need for personal credit checks. We offer a program that is 95% hands-off, letting the corporate credit experts do the work. We consult, educate and work with our clients for a year.

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Separating your personal business credit and establishing Corporate Credit can offer the following:

  • Lines of credit & Better Payment Terms (Net 30 or Net 60)
  • Business credit cards
  • Government Contracts
  • Automobile leases without a personal guarantee or personal credit check
  • Business start-up and growth capital
  • Low cost, high return
  • ​Real estate​
  • Equipment leases
  • Low Interest Rates

When to Establish Business Credit
Plain and simple, you want to build business credit before your company needs it!  No institution wants to lend to, partner with, or trust a company that cannot prove its financial stability. As a business owner you should start thinking about building credit history as soon as you incorporate. You can do this by obtaining your D&B DUNS Number. This process is possible, simply with a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC), and using your tax identification number (EIN).

When officers and owners use their own personal credit profiles to obtain credit or obtain credit cards for the business, they risk the chance of personal liability, and weakening the corporate veil by co-mingling financial transactions. There are two reasons business owners should try not to use a personal guarantee in this situation:

  1. The individual signer is liable if the business cannot make the payments
  2. The credit obtained for the business can result in seizure of personal assets.

Keep in mind, business credit ratings are compiled much in the same way as your personal credit scores. They are created using several factors, including: available credit, the amount of available credit used, payment history, cash flow history, and many other financial indicators.

Obtaining lines of credit for a business is a process that is established over time. The older the business, the more options it will have to build credit and obtain loans without the use of personal guarantees. Age allows many businesses to demonstrate their credibility and financial stability, but this should not deter younger businesses from attempting to apply for credit lines. The best way a young business can demonstrate their trustworthiness is by strengthening their D&B credit report.

Our guarantee

If you follow our program and we don’t get you credit, it won’t cost you a cent!

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